1.what are Webservice ?
2.Difference bt Webservcie and remoting?
3.where can all the latest webservices be found?
4.how do you implement webservice in .Net ?
5.What is SOAP?
6.What is difference bt SOAP and XML ?
7. What is WSDL?
8.What are disco files ?
9.what are different protocols used by webservices?
10.why do we need webservice  ? 
11.what does the .asmx file contain ?

12.How do you call Webservice async in your windows application?

Calling webservice async in Windows Application
1.Create a web service.
2.Add web reference to your windows app. In oreder to do this Click add service reference -> advanced setting>add web reference.
This is needed bc Aync methods wil not be generated if you add a normal web reference.
The remaing can be done by below article


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